About the project

The LETRA project (Learning and Knowledge Trajectories in Congregations) seeks to describe and critically analyze the processes of learning and knowledge development in congregations in the (Lutheran) Church of Norway. It simply asks: What do participants and professionals in congregations learn, and how do they learn?

The project involves six researchers for a four year period (2010-2014). The project is designed as a case study of four congregations. In the congregations five groups are studied in detail:

  • 6-year olds
  • Confirmation participants
  • Adult volunteers
  • Pastors and church educators
  • Diacons

The field work will consist of participatory observation, focus group and individual interview and participants’ logs. A few professionals and participants will be selected for extensive “shadowing”, in order to follow their negations of Christian knowledge through participation in various social practices and activities.

Project description LETRA
For a Norwegian project description, Kortfattet prosjektbeskrivelse LETRA



  • Professor Geir Afdal
  • Project leader
  • more…


  • Professor Sverre Dag Mogstad
  • LETRA research field: Volunteers
  • more…


  • Professor Heid Leganger-Krogstad
  • LETRA research field: 6-year olds
  • more…


  • PhD-student Ingrid Reite
  • LETRA research field: Priests and church educators
  • more on Reite


  • PhD-student Morten Holmqvist
  • LETRA research field: Confirmands learning trajectories
  • more…


  • PhD-student Marianne Rodriguez Nygaard
  • LETRA research field: Diacon’s knowledge creation
  • more…


  • PhD-student Fedrik Saxegaard
  • LETRA research field: The parish priest as leader in congregations’ learning processes
  • more…


  • Associate professor Tone Stangeland Kaufman
  • LETRA research field: Children’s learning and knowledge trajectories


  • Elisabeth Tveito Johnsen
  • LETRA research field: Children’s learning and knowledge trajectories

  • Astrid Sandsmark
  • LETRA research field: Diacons


  • Tron Fagermoen
  • LETRA research field: Diacons
  • Øivind Holtedahl
  • LETRA research field: Young people’s learning trajectories